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Try it... You might like it!

ou might want to write a free verse poem.

Remember to

1) write the title/subject down in capital letters 

2) show feelings, emotions or your senses

Have Fun!

Acrostic Form

String it along!

Sometimes this form of poetry is called STRING poetry, because that is the kind of pattern that is used.  Acrostic poems let you think creatively while you follow a set pattern. An acrostic poem structure, or pattern, is that the letters of a word for the theme of the poem are written down like a string. For example, a poem about you would take your name letters down -- a line for each letter of your name – then each line uses that letter to tell about you.  Sometimes the letters down are at the beginning, but they can be at the end or even in the middle of the line.  You can use just words, or sentences or even paragraphs!.



C ally and Cocoa sit in the window

A lways watching the birds and

T hinking about how

S oon they might get at them!