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Alameda Heritage Language

The goal of the heritage bilingual program is for students to develop Spanish language skills in speaking, reading, and writing through an hour of instruction in Spanish each day.

The heritage program focuses on language and literacy for children of Spanish language heritage, and all students are welcome, whether they speak Spanish at home, know some Spanish, or are beginning learners.

Students will learn vocabulary and concepts through subjects like New Mexico history and science. For students who speak Spanish as their first language, learning literacy in Spanish helps build their academic Spanish, and helps them become more proficient in English.

Studies show bilingual students develop greater flexibility in how they learn, and improved memory and creativity.  For everyone, learning Spanish language is an invitation to share each other’s cultures and family traditions, learn about Spanish-speaking cultures in New Mexico and elsewhere, and explore the world through different lenses.


Parents- we need your input:

Alameda is at a point where the Heritage language program may not continue for the following reasons:

1) We can only provide the 1hr of Spanish language arts to grades Kindergarten-2nd grade

2) Currently there is not a pathway for our students 3rd to 5th grades or through our Feeder Middle School

3) Alameda is seeing a higher need among our English Language Development (ELD) strategies and support.

4) The Teacher for the program can become an ELD resource teacher and help our ELD students in the area of Vocabulary and oral fluency. 

5) Funding sources are becoming limited and votes from our school staff help determine what Alameda can pay for