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Parent Guide

Parent Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Traffic is one way
  • 5 MPH
  • Please follow duty staff directions
  • Watch for students and families in the crosswalks
  • 5 spots to drop off and pick up
  • Our neighbors parking lot is not available to park in
Alameda ES map for drop off and pick up.

Title I Benefits

Free Tutoring For Alameda

The NMPED announced its new tutoring service in partnership with Paper that focuses on mathematics, language arts and science.  The program offers students in grades preK-8 from New Mexico Title I Schools access to free academic support from tutors on a secure platform. Participating students will receive 20 hours of tutoring at no cost to families .Features include:

  • Virtual tutoring
  • Can be scheduled before, after or during school
  • All learning abilities

Parents can sign students up on the NM PED website. If you have questions, please email

School Supplies

Alameda's Title I Budget has purchased all supplies needed for students for the 23-24 School year!

All Alameda students will be provided a free Breakfast and Lunch every day, and a fresh fruit or vegetable twice a week! All you need to provide is your student's backpack and a water bottle - and a lunch bag if you are bringing a lunch from home.

Please make sure students are dressed following our new dress code, athletic/comfortable shoes especially on PE days.

Teacher Evaluations

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) provides teachers with an evaluative process that includes 4 Domains they are to be scored in. The Principal is responsible for scoring and feedback of the domains with each teacher

  • Domain 1- Preparation and Planning
  • Domain 2- Creating an environment for Learning
  • Domain 3- Teaching for Learning
  • Domain 4- Professionalism

The Principal also conducts up to 3 walkthroughs for each classroom during the year, as well as supports teacher professional development plans for the year- these are individual plans teachers work on during the year to increase their knowledge and efficiency in teaching.


Dear families,

As you know, it is important for your child to come to school every day. That is why APS sends you notices about your child’s absences. They let you know that your child wasn’t in school, and that we are here to work with you if you need help in order to make sure your child attends school every day.

This gets a bit tricky though, especially during times when there are so many ways your child can get sick, like during the cold and flu season, when COVID is still with us. It is really understandable when your child needs to miss school due to an illness or being in quarantine. Just let your school know that the absence is due to illness so they can know why your child is absent and they can mark it as excused. Plus remember, your child has a right to make up work for their absences.

Keep in mind that it is best that you do not send your child to school when they are really sick or contagious. If you have any questions about if you should send your child to school, you can contact the School Nurse. Another tool is our When is Sick Too Sick videos in English and Spanish .

Because APS sees every day of attendance as important, even though your school knows that your child is ill, you may still receive a text or email notification from the district about your child’s absences. That is because APS must track both excused and unexcused absences and let families know when their child misses school.

If you get a 5% absence notification because your child has been sick and/or in quarantine, then once your child is feeling better, work with their teacher(s) around make-up work to get them back on track with their class work. As well, it will be important that you focus on their attendance, as they will get behind if they have more absences.

If you get a letter that says your child has missed either 10% (or more) and/or 20% (or more) of school, and their absences are because of an illness or medical condition, please set up a meeting with your child’s school to discuss how they can partner with you to keep your child engaged in learning.

If your child has a chronic or complicated health condition, part of the plan to keep your child on track in school may include a health plan with the School Nurse. In some instances, having a plan will allow the district to temporarily stop sending you notices about your child’s absences.

If you get a letter that says your child has missed 20% or more of school, by law it must include language that says that the Children Youth and Family Department (CYFD) could be contacted if your child has more absences. This is because missing this much school really puts your child at high risk for getting behind in school. Please rest assured, that if the absences are only due to illness and you have a health plan with the School Nurse, your family will not be referred to CYFD.

Again, please remember that APS sends you notices about your child’s absences so that you are aware of them, and so we can partner together to help your child learn and succeed.Thank you for partnering with your school and engaging in your child’s education.