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Principal's Corner

An outline of a horse's head with the words Principal's Corner

Anna P. Chavez

I am so excited to be your Principal!

As a former student here at Alameda, and a community member-it is my goal to continue to provide our students with:

  • Highly effective instructional strategies
  • Positive social experiences that will teach our students how to be responsible here at school and in our community!

Principal Announcements

Alameda Values (Expected Behaviors)

  • Our Hands are for working and helping
  • Our Words are kind and true
  • If you see something, say something
  • Please help your student to understand what their behaviors should be when they are at school. Anytime we need to talk with a student regarding their behavior- Principal and Teacher will communicate with you!
  • Families are our biggest support when it comes to how students act. These are the behaviors I support the most with:
  • Hitting has an automatic consequence of loss of recess for a reteach with the teacher or principal, or In School Suspension with the Principal
  • School Vandalism in the restrooms, classrooms, or campus may result in limited access in those area, restitution (payment for repair), and a conference with the students, Family, and Principal
  • Defiance in Class with Teachers and Staff will result in a conference with student, teacher, and principal, possibly counselor

Dress Code

Family/Teacher Conferences

Families have an opportunity to talk exclusively with teachers on their student's progress in class in relation to their academic learning and possible behavioral needs on March 16 and 17.

Our Grading system

  1. Student is experiencing difficulty understanding the concepts and skills in this marking period and is in need of additional support
  2. Student is approaching or nearing the expectations for the standards covered in this marking period
  3. Student meets expectations for the standards covered in this marking period
  4. 4Student exceeds expectations for the standards covered in this marking period

Effort Grades

  • E- Excellent Effort
  • S- Satisfactory Effort
  • M- Minimal Effort
  • I- Improvement Needed

Personal and Social Development

  • S- Secure
  • P- Progressing
  • D- Developing
  • I- Improvement Needed



The IStation assessment is taken at the Beginning, Middle, and End of Year and is used as a school, district, and state assessment score to analyze student and school growth/need.

Description of Instructional Levels

  • Level 5: Above the 80th percentile rank
  • Level 4: At or below the 80th percentile rank
  • Level 3: At or below the 60th percentile rank
  • Level 2: At or below the 40th percentile rank
  • Level 1: At or below the 20th percentile rank

Alameda is showing positive growth across all grade levels, and while we average 60% in level 1, each of our students are showing positive growth. Teachers will be sending home this report and will discuss further in relation to new learning before and during the next conference


The iReady assessment is taken monthly and is typically used by Alameda for intervention biweekly assessments and a school wide to see how students are progressing through each school year, which helps us improve our instructional practices and strategies.

Description of Levels

  • Green: Mid or Above Grade level
  • Yellow: One grade level below
  • Red: 2 or more grade levels below

This means they are working within the above grade level standard - this assessment meets the student where they are academically.