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Have fun with what you’re written!


Read A Lot! 

Good readers make good writers.

Writing Tips

1. Collect

This is your GOLD MINE.

- Keep a Writer's Notebook to gather ideas.  

- It can be small enough to fit in a pocket.

-  Jot down quick things in the back, so                      they're not forgotten.

- Write anything you notice, think, or dream           about.

2. Draft

Find GOLD NUGGETS to use.

- Try to write something every day in the                   front of the notebook.

, It doesn't matter if it doesn't get finished.              Authors don't finish their work in one               sitting, either.

- It doesn't matter what genre  or style you              use.

- Spelling doesn't matter, either.

- Write about things that are important to               you.   

- Mine your notebook for GOLD NUGGET               ideas, if you're stuck.

4. Edit

Polish the GOLD.

- If you really like the writing piece, fix it for others to understand.

- Check the spelling of words you’re not sure of.

- Be sure to use all kinds of punctuation to make it easier to read. 

- If you use a computer, it can help with grammar or spelling.

- Ask someone to look it over for mistakes.


You CAN be

a real author !

3. Revise

Choose the GOLDEN WAY

to say what you want.

- When you like a piece that you've been                  writing and want to finish it and maybe                 polish and publish it, tear it out of the                 notebook and save it in a special place for        more work until you're happy with it.

- Make it sound a lot like you, or someone it’s          about.

- Add exciting language; take out boring                  language.

- Mix it up.  Questions, excited exclamations,            quotations for dialogue all add good flavor          to your writing.

- Check to see if it makes sense.

- Ask someone read it to see if they                           understand it.

5. Publish

Put your GOLD on display.

- Publishing a finished piece is very important,            too.

- It can be finished for others to read or for your         eyes only.

- Choose a form that is interesting.

- A book is nice,  with chapters or picture book         style or a collection.

- Maybe a poster or t-shirt would be better.               There are so many ways to put your                    writing on display!   

Here are a few other possibilities:

Write on a piece of junk mail or newspaper.

Write it on a piece or taped pieces of plastic or cellophane (the windows of junk envelopes).

Write or paint it on a shirt or towel or t-shirt.

Print it beautifully for a frame.

Use chalk on the sidewalk.